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After very very very intense 3 years, I’m back to my good old blog. This time, I will be posting not only¬† my children illustrations, but my domestic comics too -comics I’ve been doing all my life, just because. So to start, here is a quick review of what’s been going on in my life in these last 3 years-almost-four.

roller coaster engEverybody, welcome back!


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The first post

It says nothing, this first post. It’s just to overcome the stage fright. The famous anguish of being in front of a white page. It’s funny, this doesn’t happen to me when I start to draw… but I guess writing is a complete different thing. Specially when I write in my home made broken English -Mrs Roger would faint if she finds out how I’ve tailored my English to my daily needs, destroying most of the beautiful grammar rules and vocabulary she taught me. This happens when a native Spanish speaker marries a native Hebrew speaker, and together build the relationship in English.

Anyway, this blog will be a mix of stuff. Of things I’m working on right now, things I’ve done long ago, things I like, and for sure things that I can’t imagine right now that I’ll like to post.

I just hope this would be the only post so full with text. I hope from now on my illustrations will do the talking. They usually don’t have grammar mistakes. And I hope you’ll enjoy here.

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