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This book I’ve illustrated, Gal and Noa’s daddies, is now in English and available in amazon. Check it here:¬†http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HJ9Z7P8/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

(In this link you can see some of the illustrations I did for this book, in traditional technique)


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This book is about a gay couple that got married and decided to have children through in vitro fertilization and womb rental. It’s told from the perspective of the children -the twin girls talk about it with their friends in the kindergarten, and later they ask questions to their fathers about how everything happened. It’s a true story, it was written by the mother of one of the guys (and thus the grandmother of the twin girls), and she did it to make the whole story simple and child-friendly.double 1 homoparental homoparental homoparental homoparentalBecause it’s “based on a true story”, many things in the illustrations were constrained by the requests of the author, who was trying to make the images as accurate to reality as possible… Comes with the territory!

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This is a book about a girl whose father travels around the world, and when he’s back he tells her stories from the places he’s been.

Aba and Gal - 1Aba and Gal - 2 - ItalyAba and Gal - 3 - FranceAba and Gal - 4 - ChinaAba and Gal - 5 - North Pole

Written by Shirley Segev. Published by Rimonim Publisher House. ©Julia Filipone Erez

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A sweet little girl dreaming inside a pink bubble

A girl turning disgusting medicines into delicious food

A boy in pajamas fighting against the monsters that comes to bother him in the dark before going to sleep

Some pages of my first children;s book, “Visualizing for Early Childhood”, written by Sara Moneta and published by Rimonim Publisher House.

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Character and Scene study for “The Jumblies”, by Edward Lear.

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